Zenith Logistics is a company of enduring strength and a pioneering spirit. That pioneering spirit drives us to a continually find new and smatter ways to build. Our construction services have been fine-tuned over a decade of building and during that time have embraced advances in technology that help us build better, safer and for a lower cost. Our experienced team applies today’s technology to proven building principles.

Although we have expanded our services offerings significantly over the years, we began with traditional general contracting services. Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of the subcontractor base in each of our markets, resulting in the best price and schedule delivery.

  • We are builders with the expertise to dip deep in reviewing and analyzing contraction documents. When we deliver a budget we are condiment that it is complete and accurate.
  • When design changes happen we are flexible and work collaboratively with the team to integrate the new deigns into the contraction process.
  • We set the stage from the beginning to ensure a smoother building process for you.

The company has clear values, putting safety and the client first. It has a proven track record of effectively delivering diverse projects and services to a broad base of clients with whom it works, handling projects either on a traditional contract basis or through full partnering agreements.